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I love finding and sharing ways for you to automate parts of your business so you can do less stuff.

That means automations, better processes and epic tools.

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3 underrated productivity tips that no one talks about

Loads of people are obsessed with getting more time out of their day. I’m one of them, which is why I spend so much time on process and automation in our business. Time saved through automation with tools like Zapier or Active Campaign can be used on higher level tasks that grow your business.  For

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How conferences help grow your business

There’s one thing I look forward to more than anything. It’s something to which I can attribute almost every awesome thing that’s happened in our business. Just getting out there and meeting people at conferences When we were building websites, most conferences hit ROI within a few weeks. So the ticket price, accommodation AND flights

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Buying happiness

You’ll always hear me banging on about spending money to get back time. When you see catch up with friends and ask how they have been, it’s almost a default response to say “Oh mate… SO bloody busy” Then sometimes we say back “oh that’s good!” Bullshit. Being run off your feet sucks. A couple

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Processing webhooks with Zapier

This is a follow on from a previous post What are Webhooks. If you don’t know what webhooks are, take a look at that post first them jump back here. In that post, we covered why you would want to process webhooks with Zapier. It’s because in practice, it’s very unlikely that the app that

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What are webhooks (for non-techies)

Webhooks can be pretty intimidating at first. But we can break it down into easier terms – but there will still be some technical parts that I’ll explain. Please promise me you’ll push through and not just give up as soon as anything technical is mentioned. A friend of mine likes to throw her hands

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Zapier vs IFTTT

If you’re unsure how Zapier compares with IFTTT, this post is for you. We’ll dig into Zapier vs IFTTT and when you should use each platform. This question comes up a lot. If you’re more of a video learner, this post has a video version which you can watch below. In the simplest of terms…

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