Rants about software, automation and not sucking in business

Jimmy Rose


I love finding and sharing ways for you to automate parts of your business so you can do less stuff.

That means automations, better processes and epic tools.

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Zapier vs IFTTT

If you’re unsure how Zapier compares with IFTTT, this post is for you. We’ll dig into Zapier vs IFTTT and when you should use each platform. This question comes up a lot. If you’re more of a video learner, this post has a video version which you can watch below. In the simplest of terms…

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Attracting crappy clients

Last week there was a thread in a Facebook group about automation. People were discussing which tools they use and why. One comment stuck out like a sore thumb. It was a guy I respect. He helps a lot of people and is becoming pretty well known. He seems to be pretty successful and switched

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Entrepreneurial guilt

One random Thursday I was sitting in my home office doing some work… pretty standard stuff. I got a call from one of my best mates that he was taking the day off, picking up another friend from the airport, calling a 3rd friend in to play board games and drink beers all day. My

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Creating time leverage (aka doing less work)

What do you do each week that results in less workload every week from now? In other words, are you doing stuff that gives you time leverage? Stuff that will continue to pay back your time into the future, like an investment. To me, this kind of mindset is the only way you can escape

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Becoming a digital minimalist

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to a Tropical MBA podcast episode where Dan Andrews interviewed Cal Newport about “Digital Minimalism.” This is the topic of his new book, which I haven’t yet read, but the discussion hit home. They talk about being constantly “connected” is bad for us. If you’re like me, you’ve

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Nurturing leads with a weekly curated newsletter

You’ve probably heard about “lead nurturing”. It means a couple of things. Sometimes it’s guiding your prospects towards a sale. To me, it’s a way of staying “top of mind” with both prospects and clients. Being top of mind helps with loads of important parts of your business – referrals, sales and marketing. Having an

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