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Automation freaking rocks.

But for a moment, let’s pretend you don’t love it as much as I do. Why should you care about automation?

The most important reason for me is time leverage. In other words – getting more stuff done in less time. Automation is a bit like investing money, except with your time. You spend some time now to set it up, and it continues to pay you back forever.

There’s more than that though. It helps:

It turns out that the course is even better than what I expected! The value inside the course is insane and I'm able to automate pretty much everything in my business.

In addition to that, he is super responsive and very friendly. He took the time to understand my problems and come back to me with different alternatives to my problems. If you are looking for someone who can help you take advantage of the power of Zapier automation then Jimmy is your guy, hands down

Martin Ebongue

We’re all too busy

Does it feel like you’re constantly busy? “I’m so busy” has become a default response when someone says hello and asks how you are. Some people even wear being busy like a badge – as if it’s a good thing.

It’s not.

As a business owner you need to focus on the bigger picture from time to time. You need time to think about strategy and direction of the business. Being “busy” robs you of time to do this.

Even worse, it creates a feeling like you HAVE to be busy all the time. It’s happened to me so many times. I’ll take time off to hang out with friends or family and be anxious the whole time like I should be doing something. They call it “entrepreneurial guilt.” But it can be broken.

I began to notice it more once I had started to escape. Once I was on a holiday with some entrepreneurs. Before the first day was over, laptops were out. Of course everyone was working on things that “just had to be done.”

We couldn’t even get a single day into the trip before work happened. It was only a 3 day trip.

Being busy sucks. Entrepreneurial guilt sucks. Not being able to take time off sucks.

These are the reasons I love automation so much. It’s how I’ve been able to reduce that guilt and take more time for myself. Being away from the desk and knowing that stuff is still happening is a great feeling.

But where do you even start?

Getting started in automation is overwhelming. There are so many possibilities, tools and ideas. It makes taking that first step difficult.

“Where do I start” is the most common question I get. In fact, 80% of people that responded to my automation survey asked this.

There is also a lot to learn. Automation is open-ended – meaning there is no step-by-step guide that will fix everything in your business. It requires a deep understanding of your business and what is possible to automate.

But it’s totally worth it if you want to do less work and still scale your business.

In this course, you’ll learn:

Gabriel saves HOURS every day

Stephen avoided the cost of hiring

Steve recommends Zapier Mastery

Martin saw 20% more sales

Josh now understands Zapier

The ROI of automation

Number of weeks

Time is the most precious resource we have. That’s why it’s become so common for people to say they wish they had more hours in the day. Of course we can’t make more than 24 hour days, but you can absolutely make it feel like you have more time.

The topics of process and automation are so popular among business owners because they contribute to getting more done in the fixed amount of time we have. Getting it right means you get time back.

It takes time to set up automation. That’s why some people never get around to automating – they are “too busy” to set it up. The only way to fix that is to reduce your workload.

You invest time now to get that time back in the future.

Say you spend 1 hour now creating an automation that saves 10 minutes a week. After 6 weeks, you have 10 more minutes for free.

Do this 30 times and it’ll feel like you cheated and found the secret to 25 hour days.

About me

Jimmy RoseI’ve been automating things since before I left university. As an Automation Engineer, my job was to make machinery operate more-or-less by itself. Naturally, my colleagues and I all had an obsession with automating things around our house, purely because it was fun.

After moving into online business, I didn’t get to play with real-life automation, so I’ve made up for it by constantly learning and trying new things. In that process, a lot of time has been wasted trying to work out what is possible and where the “best bang for your buck” is.

This is now what I’d like to help you with – to shortcut the learning process. So that you can free up more time, faster and without making all the mistakes I made.

Make a zapThis is a screenshot from my Zapier account. So far this month it has run 8998 tasks, with 5 days left in the month.

Let’s say each task would have taken 30 seconds to perform. That’s 75 hours of things that were just done automatically, in 25 days.

I’d love to help get you to this point as well.

James, my business is starting to be more productive. A lot of what is happening right now I attribute to you from what I've learned from you.

Having a process and automating things is really helping me grow. I have more peace and feel I'm moving in the right direction.

Rose Fields
Nerd Free Marketing

Zapier Basic Course

Module 1 – Intro & quick wins

The goal of module 1 is to pay back your investment as fast as possible by helping you implement some quick wins.

You’ll see some of my favourite Zaps and learn the basic premise of automation.

Module 2 – What to automate

This module aims to answer the biggest question – “Where do I start.”

You’ll learn how to look at your business to find opportunities for automation and how to uncover what is possible with the apps you are already using.

Module 3 - First steps

We’ll start to dig into the underlying concepts of automation. Understanding this helps with generating automation ideas.

Then you’ll step through the process of creating your first Zap and how the basic components fit together.

Module 4 - Exploring Zapier

There’s more to Zapier than just creating Zaps. This module dives into some other parts that are helpful to know, like Task History and what to do when you encounter problems.

You’ll also learn how to generate ideas just by playing around in Zapier.

Module 5 - Building blocks

This is an extension of module 3, where you’ll learn how to expand simple Zaps to handle multiple automations in one Zap (multi-step Zaps).

Then we’ll deep dive into the most common Zapier blocks and built-in apps.

Module 6 - Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to build Zaps for tools that don’t have a built-in Zapier connection. Knowing how to use them greatly expands possibilities.

This module shows you how to set one up as simply as possible.

Advanced Zapier

Module 1 - Built-in apps

Zapier has a lot of power in apps that are included in your account.

Learn what they do and how to use them in your business. Like the basic course, the aim of this first module is to justify your purchase immediately. These apps are some of the biggest time savers for me.

Module 2 - Tips and tricks

There is some hidden functionality of Zapier that expands what is possible.

Discover these tricks with practical applications.

Module 3 - Advanced concepts

It’s possible to create Zaps for tools that don’t even have a Zapier integration, provided they have a certain kind of API.

This is an advanced module that shows you how to do things that most people don’t know is possible.

Module 4 - Advanced Zapier

This final module covers some of the lesser-known but more advanced built-in Zapier apps.

We’ll also go into some of workarounds I’ve created to store and lookup data with Zapier, preventing Zaps from firing multiple times in certain circumstances and only firing Zaps when a change happens (change detection).

Get started

This course is for you if you:

You will have lifetime access to all content and well as bonuses to be announced.

Bonus #1 - TextExpander Mini Course (normally $79)

In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know about text expansion with TextExpander. It’s one of my favorite tools and it will save you an extra few hours per month. This is one of the most heavily used tools in my toolbox. People often don’t realize how much it is capable of if you think outside the box.  

Every single time I give a talk that includes TextExpander, people’s minds are blown as they realize how much time and effort this can save them. 

I hope that you’ll be next. 

Bonus #2 - Productivity workshop (normally $39)

An info-packed 25 minutes that digs into my favorite productivity systems, tools and techniques. It covers inbox management, task management and productivity ideas that no one seems to talk about. 

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