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Jimmy Rose


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Getting away

Feels like I’ve been a ghost lately… It’s because for the last week I’ve been in Bangkok at an event called DCBKK. Around 300 entrepreneurs from around the world descend on the same hotel once every year. As usual, I went in with good intentions to get regular work done, including this newsletter. But with

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How to protect yourself from getting bitten by bad developers

So many times I’ve spoken with someone who is about to get their development done by someone offshore for a tenth of what they were quoted in Australia. Usually, someone has told them that they can just go to Upwork/Freelancer/whatever and hire cheap labour. Seems easy enough yeah? But I’m struggling to think of a

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Sleep or you’re screwed

A couple of weeks ago a dropped a link to a podcast that made a huge impact on me. It was Joe Rogan 1109 with Matthew Walker. In short, you probably don’t realise how screwed you are if you don’t get enough sleep. This hit me hard, cause I don’t sleep very well. If you don’t

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Cheap software that does everything…

Something has been bugging me a lot. I keep seeing people searching for “all in one” software that will do everything for their business. Usually they’re also looking for something that is like 20 bucks a month. I’ve also watched a product that started as a simple project management tool say yes to too many

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Getting started with cryptocurrency trading

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to get into buying and selling cryptocurrency. I intentionally didn’t use the word “investing,” because that is a bloody loose term for what many people are doing. This post goes into most of the important stuff you need to know in as few words as

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