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So check this out.

There’s a ton of Elementor users in here as we saw in that poll last week.

We’re in a time where you can build a WordPress website without knowing any code (or at least, not knowing much at all). You can even get away without an understanding of how the back of of WordPress works.

While this is awesome, a few problems come along with it. Like…

  • Getting stuck in a place where you don’t have the skillset to finish a project (maybe even having to pay for help)
  • Feeling overwhelmed or panic when you agree to something you’re not sure how to do
  • Or just taking longer to do something while you try to figure it all out

My friend Dave Foy is launching a new course that gives page builder users (specifically Elementor) an understanding of how WordPress works.

But why would you need to understand WordPress if you can build sites without knowing it?

A few reasons actually.

  • Confidence to take on more difficult projects. When you see how the pieces fit together, you can formulate ideas on the fly. I suspect this has won me many contracts over the years as I start mapping out complex sites in the initial meeting out of pure excitement
  • The ability to charge more for those bigger projects, or just because you can now deliver a better solution
  • Get sites done faster. Simple maths here – get more projects done for the same price to boost your bottom line

Honestly, once I developed an understanding of WP, it opened so many doors.


Anyhoo. If all this appeals to you… hit the link and sign up. By the end of Tuesday if you want le bonuses. Dave is a top guy, so I know this is going to be a great course.

Click here to register

Of course, affiliate link. As usual, I only promote good shit.

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James Rose

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