How to get #JournoRequest keyword notifications from Twitter using Zapier

In this post you’ll learn how to automatically monitor the #JournoRequest hashtag on Twitter and get automatically notified when the keywords you choose are mentioned.

You can do this for free with Zapier, or if you have a paid plan you can get a bit more advanced. This post covers both.

The purpose of this is to get some free publicity for your business. It can also be great for coming up with content ideas to become a more consistent content creator.

If you’d rather see this in action, watch the video below

You may have already heard about sites like HARO (Help A Reporter) or SoureBottle, where journalists put out requests that they want people to respond to. If your answer is selected, you get publicity for your business, which can result in more traffic or links to your site.

Twitter is another source. However digging through the JournRequest hashtag manually every day is a pain. It’s easier when they notifications that you actually want are delivered right to your task manager.

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Here’s an overview of the Zap we’ll be setting up.

journorequests twitter notifications

The steps are:

  1. Trigger: Search mention on Twitter
  2. Action: Append entry to Digest
  3. Action: Add Card in Trello (or whatever task manager you use)

1. Create your search

The first step is to create the search on Twitter that returns the relevant Journo Requests for your keywords or topic.

If you start with a simple search it might be just:


This will return all the Tweets tagged with #JournoRequest.

If you wanted all the requests that mention productivity, you’d search

#journorequest productivity

If you wanted to also return any that include automation, we use brackets and OR, like this

#journorequest (productivity OR automation)

This returns and journo requests that are about productivity OR automation. If you wanted both, you could change the OR to AND.

If you find that there are Tweets showing up with something unrelated to your topic, you can remove them. For example, sometimes automation shows Tweets about manufacturing, which are irrelevant to me. To remove this the search would be

#journorequest (productivity OR automation -manufacturing)

The – symbol tells Twitter to not show any Tweets with that term.

If you need to use a phrase instead of a single word, you put it in quotes.

So if I wanted to change automation to “workflow automation” it would look like this

#journorequest (productivity OR “workflow automation” -manufacturing)

Combining searches

What if you wanted to also include Tweets that mention cats & dogs.

That search by itself would look like

#journorequest cats dogs

To combine both of these searches into one search, you put them both in brackets, then use OR in between.

That looks like

(#journorequest (productivity OR “workflow automation” -manufacturing))
(#journorequest cats dogs)

All on one line:

(#journorequest (productivity OR “workflow automation” -manufacturing)) OR (#journorequest cats dogs)

When they get complex like this it’s easier to work in a notepad app instead of the Twitter search box.

 2. Create your workflow in Zapier

In Zapier, create a new Zap.

Choose the Trigger to be Twitter on “Search Mention”

Step through the testing process.

The create an action that is the task management system you’re using. In this case it is Trello.

Fill out the task name, and set the description as the Tweet text from step 1.

That’s it! This will add tasks in your task manager every time there is a Tweet that matches.

If this results in too many tasks, you may want to use a digest instead to get one task every day with a list of all Tweets that matched in the last day.

To do this add an action in the middle using Digest by Zapier, with the action “Append Entry and Schedule Digest”

Give it a title and add the Tweet text into the “Entry” field.

Then jump down to the Trello step and change the Description to the “Current Digest”

This creates a Trello card of all the Tweets each day at 8am, that looks something like this.

Now you can go about your normal day and not worry about checking the hashtag!

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